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Freight & Truck Dispatching Services

Road Wheely

We do all the work, all you have to do is DRIVE!

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The Dispatcher

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Road Wheely Offers

Dry Van / Flatbed / Reefer / Step-Deck

10+ Trucks - $125/truck/week

5 to 9 Trucks - $175/truck/week

1 to 4 Trucks - $225/truck/week

Power - Only

10+ Trucks - $225/truck/week

5 to 9 Trucks - $275/truck/week

1 to 4 Trucks - $325/truck/week

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How Road wheely


We at Road Wheely Dispatch Company, are a small business whose mission is to help small trucking companies take their company to the next level. Our focus is small trucking companies who have less than 10 trucks who are in need of finding freight at the best price.

Our truck dispatchers know the business better than anyone and are experts at finding the highest paying load helping you make the money you deserve. Our team of highly trained dispatchers will take care of all the paperwork, phone calls and payments so all you have to do is DRIVE.




Our dispatchers work to find you the best freight for Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed and Auto Transporters. We offer both daytime operations as well night time, 3rd Shift Dispatch.

All of our dispatchers go through a 3-month training before working directly with drivers! Our focus is on excellent communication on behalf of the client that we represent.

Drivers Are

Our Priority

We stand side by side with our truck drivers to plan out the best working schedule that fits with their life.

At Road Wheely we take into account the personal life that needs respected and like to consider our drivers as a part of the family. Our drivers call the shots and are our top priority!.


Our Services

Our company streamlines the communication between brokers and carriers through our Google Cloud Network. Don’t miss a beat and have everything a mouse click away. At the end of each week you’ll receive your Weekly Load Sheet giving you the analytics behind your operation.

Truck Dispatching
  • No forced dispatch and hidden payments
  • Personal dispatcher with 24 / 7 support
  • Billing
  • Invoicing, accounting and billing
  • Personal approach
  • Hands-off process for drivers
  • Document Manament & Paperwork
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Management of all trucking documents
  • Years of industry expertise and dedicated personnel
  • Factoring Service
  • Assistance in selecting a reliable partner
  • Finding factoring partner according to your needs
  • Expert support to all our clients
  • Rate Negotiation
  • The best pay rate on every job
  • Hands-off process for truckers and owner-operators
  • Transparent pricing that you can rely on
  • Safety / DOT compliance
  • FMCSA/DoT requirements and beyond
  • Truck ELD requirements for drivers logs
  • Driver qualification files
  • Who Can Work With Us














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    I Usually Pay 10% Per Load For My Trucks. Why Should I Pay A Fixed Rate Of $500/Truck?

    Let’s say if you make $10000/week and your dispatcher charges 10% out of it. This amounts to around $1000/Truck /week. In fixed rate model, we charge only $500 as flat rate –which saves you almost 50% in dispatching cost as compared to % model. Moreover, this ensures that you have a fixed expense for dispatch so that you can predict your budget.

    How Will You Make Sure I Get Better Loads In The Fixed Rate Model?

    We incentivize our dispatchers based on the RPM and Value of the Load / week. This ensures you get consistent high value loads, and fixed rate model is beneficial.

    What Happens If My Driver Is Not Availableor My Truck Is Under Maintenance? Do I Still Need To Pay Fixed Fee?

    No, the weekly rate will be paused if you inform us 2 days in advance. You can join back once you are back on road.

    What Happens If I Forget To Inform You And I Don’t Take A Load For A Week ? Will You Keep On Charging My Card?

    If you are not taking a load for more than a week, and even if you have not intimated us , we will take a written approval before charging your card.